Women's Own

The Women's Own has been a part of Amersham Free Church since 1913; it was started in the time of Alfred Ellis who founded our church.
Our meetings are weekly and take the form of a small service with a speaker - these are sometimes serious and often very amusing. We also have a few travel talks with slides. Each year we have an Outing in the Summer and a Social in the Autumn - much enjoyed by all of our members.

We have a good number of ladies in our fellowship and there is a warm and friendly atmosphere. It's a happy time spent together.

All ladies are very welcome to join us on a Wednesday afternoon at 2.45pm. We usually end with a cup of tea and a biscuit at 3.45pm and we can provide transport if it is needed.

Please contact Mrs Jean Collins, 43 Green Lane, Amersham or telephone 01494 727823 if you would like to join us.